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Escape Universe: Space Beyond - Hi bapak dan ini semua, Makasih banyak dah mau berkunjung ke web site indie tech ini. Siang ini, kita di indie tech mau menampilkan ulasan yang menampilkan tentang Escape Universe: Space Beyond Android App. Ayo bapak dan ini cek Android App nya berikut ini, oya jangan lupa bapak dan ini bisa Unduh Gratis Escape Universe: Space Beyond Android App dengan cara klik aja tombol download :

Escape Universe: Space Beyond

Escape Universe: Space Beyond l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 17.5MB Developers: Cat-astrophe Games​ | Language: English

The war with mechanic beasts left humans scattered across the universe. Now the aliens, pirates and scavengers travel through the space, fighting for every scrap of metal they can find. A lone survivor flies, fighting, and dreaming about… ESCAPE FROM THE UNIVERSE!
“Escape Universe: Space Beyond” is an action shooter in an outer space with an incredible randomized storyline.
* Grim hard science-fiction universe.
* The space is full of dangerous enemies and traps. Can you escape them?
* Many exciting main plots, randomized with many options and twists. Mixed with countless quests. Infinite replayability.
* You make choices that will affect the future iterations of the Universe!
* Dreadful minimalistic graphics. Colors have meaning!
* 2D, with a tiny bit of 3D. Will you dare to uncover the secrets of the deformed alien artifacts floating in space?
* Sometimes flying faster and avoiding the enemies is the best strategy!
* Sometimes you need to demolish your enemies, till they give up. Do not escape!
* Gun and armor upgrades that change the gameplay dramatically. Be sure to get them when the difficulty raises!
* Fight with different factions of enemies: pirates, spider-like aliens, crab mechanical aliens, alien flies… All adjusted to the storyline and quest.
* Powerful bosses. Connected with factions, all of them have special attacks and a couple of variations. You will never defeat them all!
* Catch the enemies, as they try to escape, shooting at you and maneuvering you into the deadly traps.
* Step out from your ship for a little walk in space, and speak with the aliens using your trusty hand blaster!
* The game is very light on resources. It will work on every device, phone or tablet. Yet you will be amazed how rich is the universe inside!
* The game runs offline without any problems.
* Optionally connect with Google Play Games to get achievements and to synchronize your game state across multiple devices.
* Feel the loneliness of the outer space.
Escape Universe: Space Beyond
Escape Universe: Space Beyond
Escape Universe: Space Beyond

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