Unduh Gratis Miranda IM 0.10.39

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Miranda IM 0.10.39 - Halo om dan tante semua, Met Datang di web site indietech.my.id ini. Kali ini, saya di indietech.my.id mau menampilkan ulasan yang menunjukkan pada anda tentang Miranda IM 0.10.39. Langsung saja om dan tante baca dibawah ini:

Miranda IMMiranda IM is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. Very light on system resources and extremely fast, Miranda IM requires no installation and can be made to fit on a single floppy disk or USB drive. Featuring a powerful plugin-based framework and boasting over 350 plugins, Miranda IM is one of the most flexible and customisable messaging clients on the planet. Also it contains hundreds of features including the ability to add and manage accounts from the new Account Manager. SSL support is built-in to take advantage of encrypted connections (no more configuration is needed). With the choice of hundreds of plugins, icons, sounds and other content, Miranda IM gives you the ability to modify, customise and extend functionality to make it your own.

Protocol Support: AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange), ICQ, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Jabber, MSN, Netsend, Tlen, Yahoo, And more…

Supported Operating Systems: from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Changes in Miranda IM 0.10.39:
* Update SQLite library

Homepage – http://www.miranda-im.org

Size: 7.99 MB

Download Miranda IM Unicode (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8)

Download Miranda IM x64

Download Miranda IM Portable

Download Miranda IM Portable x64

Download Addons

Akhir kata, saya harap tulisan mengenai Miranda IM 0.10.39 diatas bisa anda ambil manfaatnya. Terima Kasih