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Mining GunZ

Mining GunZ v1.0020 (Mod Apk Money) A new unique game about a mini tank with a huge gun.

Explore caves, destroy blocks, collect rare resources that will be useful in crafting new items. Improve your tank! Mainy is deeper and deeper!

Endless mode, simple control of the type of “pull and release” – all that is needed for a delightful game! Do not miss the blocks, get rewards and be the best! Take the top ranking!

The game is absolutely free, all upgrades can be done by going down deeper into the caves. Beautiful graphics and nice relaxing music are created to make you enjoy the game.

Rules of the game:

Run the chain of balls into blocks. Pump skills that allow you to deal more damage, collect more resources, or strengthen the armor of your tank.

With each new level, the blocks become stronger, which means you need more balls to destroy them. For a completely cleared level, you get a reward!

Destroy treasure chests – they have a lot of valuable resources hidden.

Use the oven to melt the ore into ingots or to make more complex details necessary for upgrading your tank.

Do missions and get rewards for them. Use super abilities to pass on.

Create an ideal machine for destroying blocks to become the best miner in the world!


* Skill tree, nonlinear flow system

* Unique system of crafting parts for upgrades

* Random generated levels, random blocks

* Bonus artifacts on the map that allow you to pass difficult levels

* Many types of blocks with unique features (ice, wood, jelly)

* Rare and unique chests with precious rewards

* The ability to sell the extracted resources

* Top Players

* The game is suitable for the whole family: it’s fun playing our game for both children and adults

Mining GunZ is a new miner simulator with a worked economy on your mobile phone or tablet.
Mining GunZ
Mining GunZ
Mining GunZ
Mining GunZ
Mining GunZ
Mining GunZ


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