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Timer app with quick setup of the duration and easy visual guidance

Visual Timer allows you to quickly setup a timer with a single tap. The visual representation of the time enables a quick perception of the current state.

The at-a-glance depiction of time remaining helps to improve productivity and accountability.
Keep tasks and meetings focused.

Teaching the concept of time can be supported through the visual countdown.
Kids have the ability to see and understand the passage of time.

At home
Use the simple setup for common tasks in your daily life.
Set it for bedtime, practicing instruments or even breaks between different tasks.

✓ quick and easy Setup
✓ add your own Presets for timers
✓ configure and adapt Alarm settings to your needs

Due to the focus on the visual representation and input of the time the maximum duration for a Timer is 1h.

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2.75 MB

Developed By
Christoph Wiesner

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