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ZomBees – Bee The Swarm - Halo om dan tante semua, Met Datang di situs indietech.my.id ini. Kali ini, kami di indietech.my.id mau membagikan info yang menjelaskan tentang ZomBees – Bee The Swarm App. Silahkan om dan tante cek App nya di bawah ini, oya jangan lewatkan om dan tante bisa Unduh ZomBees – Bee The Swarm App di bagian bawah deskripsi aplikasinya :

ZomBees - Bee The Swarm

ZomBees - Bee The Swarm l Version: 1.5.5 | Size: 91.52MB Developers: Bee The Swarm​ | Language: English

ZomBees is the 1st app ever that lets you not only save the GAME world, but the REAL world too! That’s because while you play ZomBees you save lives and fund campaigns from all around the World! ZomBees follows PheeBee and other Bee heros as they try to survive the ZomBee Apocalypse, one day at a time. You will experience what it is like being one of several Bee heroes, finding equipment upgrades, and doing everything you can to not only survive, but to eventually help find a cure.
It is the 31st day of the Year 2073 BeeZ. Today was the start of what will forever be known as the ZomBee Apocalypse. The pesticides you and other Bee Heroes have been warning the other bees about have finally mutated the majority of your hive. You must do everything you can to survive and eventually find a cure.
ZomBees is a 3rd person cartoon shooter that features a dual stick shooter. The main objective of the game is to survive as many days as possible as you survive wave after wave of ZomBee attacks. When ZomBees are killed both points and items are dropped. Upgrade your weapon from everything from Fire, Ice, Cure, triple shot and increase your attack rate, damage per shot, and movement speed.
Every few levels completed will provide a glimpse into the what the main character PheeBee has been doing. As you will learn, PheeBee has a sense of humor.
ZomBees is the first Games for Charity app released by Bee The Swarm. Bee The Swarm gives 100% of all the game revenue that was earned through ads and in-app purchases to new charity campaigns everyday! At Bee The Swarm, we want you to Play Games, Have Fun, and Do Good! So play ZomBees and tell all your friends about us!
ZomBees - Bee The Swarm
ZomBees - Bee The Swarm
ZomBees - Bee The Swarm

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