3 Ways to Use Your iPhone’s Camera

By On Friday, February 23rd, 2018 Categories : iphone

2 megapixel camera hardly seems impressive. But add Internet access, a Pocket Mac and third-party applications and ready! Humble camera is now a personal assistant and a digital artist, all in one object. Here are some ways that you can extend the iPhone camera capabilities.

See in the dark

IPhone decent camera can take pictures as long as you are outside in a sunny day. In the 95 percent of cases will have to use some kung fu photo to battle with dark spots. The problem is that in low light conditions, even subtle camera movement can you clouded the picture. Add to this the fact that the iPhone has to press a small button to trigger the display room, you missed the perfect recipe for photos. To change this inconvenience you can call in an application like Past Night River Chamber that can improve your chances to make a picture still. The program uses the accelerometer built into the iPhone to determine when the camera is stable enough to take a picture. Also turn into a full screen button to make it easier giant image.

An even better way to take photos motionless is to stabilize the iPhone for something before you hit the camera button. If you want to pay a little more, the Seskimo Batrest, which costs $ 4, fold out to provide a makeshift stand. When not in use take the size of a credit card that you can wear it in your wallet.

Makes larger picture

If you have problems to fit the whole scene in the picture, trying to realize more photos and then to unite to achieve a widescreen image type. There are several iPhone applications that you permit, H. Interactive Panoramas from extremely strong without too much cost. Can you realize how many pictures you want, in any orientation, and then paste them by placing marks on each image to identify objects that need to be aligned. Panoramas then tries to link photos and adjust colors to create a continuous image. The process is very simple, so you should not worry that you have to align images.

Get a personal shopping assistant

Want a kettle as that used by your local cafe? You can go on Amazon.com and manually search through the 4000 objects hoping to find an appropriate model. Or you could save a lot of time by downloading the free application Amazon Mobile on the iPhone. The program offers a feature called Amazon Remembers. Use the program to upload a picture, or almost anything, and someone from Amazon to try to find something similar on the site. If that person finds you will receive an update in the application that you will look attached details and options to buy it or add it to wishlist.