4.1.2 vs 4.4.4 – multitasking app reload and WiFi reboots

By On Thursday, March 28th, 2019 Categories : Question & Answer

4.1.2 vs 4.4.4 – multitasking app reload and WiFi reboots. Are You sir has that kind of concern?, If do then plz get the best answer right after below:

I am growing frustrated with the following two behaviours of Android 4.1.2, which has been running my rooted Samsung S3 I9300 for two years now:

1) When switching between already-open apps, more often than not going back to an app that had some data loaded (e.g. address looked up in GoogleMaps, page loaded in Firefox etc) results in the app starting all over from its initial screen and thus losing the input I had given it just minutes ago
2) When connecting to a new WiFi network for the first time, the phone restarts (this has only been happening for a few months)

Since I have no real reason to invest in a new phone (new features in S4,S5 and S6 don’t seem that appealing), I was considering just doing an OS upgrade, and since Lollipop seems to not be rated well by users, KitKat 4.4.4 seems the likely candidate.
I am wondering whether anyone who has used my current version (4.1.2) can comment on whether any of the above two behaviours are corrected in v4.4.4, namely whether app caching actually works during multitasking, and whether the WiFi reboot bug has been fixed.