5 Great Features of iPhone 4 You Should Never Miss

By On Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 Categories : iphone

iPhone 4 is the current hot craze among the mobile phone users. It is quite successful to carry on the popularity of its previous models of iPhones. Apple has presented a numbers of great features into iphone4 to their users. They are always busy implementing incredible new features that make iPhone more powerful, user friendly and more vital. Along with other features, there are some outstanding features of iPhone that differentiate it from other phones and that you should never miss while using and iPhone 4.

1. Power of Multitasking: iPhone 4 has brought the multitasking into a new level. Now you run your favorite applications and instantly switch from one application to another without making the process slower. When you will come back to your previous application, you will find that as you left. New multitasking feature of iPhone Operating System 4 has opened the door of opportunity in from of its user like listening audio, receiving VOIP calls, keep the GPS application running, receiving push and local notifications and all of these are from background while using other applications simultaneously.

2. High Definition Video Recording: Advanced backside illumination sensor and built-in LED light allows iPhone4 users to record high definition videos. Not only that, now can you also edit that video on the fly. It can create awesome videos even in the low light setting.

3. iBooks: Can you imagine currying whole lot of books or your own library with you all the time. Now you can do that with the help of iBook which is a free application of iPhone4. You can read all your favorite books anytime and anywhere you want.

4. Multiplayer Games: Play multiplayer iphone 4 games with your friends and family virtually from anywhere. This cool feature can turn your friends into your opponent into little matter of time. High sensitive accelerometer gives you the highest level of fun out of a game. You can also check leader board and achievement scores using iPhone4.

5. Map and Compass: Highly accurate map and compass will make your travels lot easier. There is no longer any chance of losing your trail or wasting time finding locations. You can get a clear and accurate idea about your destination before your make your move. iPhone4 map and compass let you search for a location, see live traffic, changing your views and provide complete guideline to start from one location to reach into another location quickly and easily.

These are the few features of iPhone 4 you cannot afford to miss while using it. Apart from these stunning features you can also get features like voice control, iMovies and retina display etc. So, make sure to utilize these outstanding features of iPhone4 and enjoy the power of technology.