5 Ways to Prolong your iPad’s Battery Life

By On Saturday, January 27th, 2018 Categories : iPad

The release of iPad on April 3 in the U.S.  has made Apple be on the top when their iPad sold more than 300,000 units within 24 hour sales. Most of the reviews on iPad would that you can use it continuously for 10 hours before you will run out of battery. But I don’t believe that.

You can extract more battery juice from your iPad if you would only take time to turn off some of the services you will not use more often. iPad is built to have more robust battery, however, if you do not know how to care for it, it will be the first to get damaged. Now, here are some of ways which made me use my iPad more than 12 hours… this has already been tested.

#1. Turn the WiFi Off whenever you are not using it. There are times when I don’t feel the need to connect to the Internet; I take time to turn the WiFi off. You must know that iPad will exert more effort powering up the hardware which will connect to the network wirelessly aside from the software that will run inside the iPad. By taking time doing this, you would surely save more battery juice. Here’s how you do it;

Settings => Network => WiFi => Off

#2. Turn the Bluetooth Off. I always turn the Bluetooth service off in my iPad because I do not use wireless keyboard, mouse or headphones. For sure, not all of the times you will be using this feature. Okay, let us say you are an audiophile, but I am certain that not all of the time you keep your Bluetooth headset on. So, here is the tip, turn this service off always and simply turn it on whenever you need it.

Settings => General => Bluetooth => Off

#3. Turn Off the 3G Service. My iPad do not have this service but some models do. So, whenever you have this option in your iPad, it functions like the WiFi and drains battery just like it. Should you not feel the need to get connected to the net all of the times, or let’s say you are traveling without permanent connection, you’d better turn this feature off.

Settings App => General => Network => 3G Off

#4. Turn Off the Location Services. I am certain you do not need this service because if you have been driving in your locality for years, you do not need GPS to give you direction. Well, you might be able to use this whenever you are in other places though. The thing is, the GPS functionality of iPad is one way of getting your battery drained faster. So, if you are not lost, simply turn this service off.

Settings => Locations Services => Off

#5. Set the Auto-Brightness Feature. Almost all of the electronic devices use this feature and true enough, my iPad has it. What I do is simply use this feature because I do not want that my iPad will drain more battery projecting bright lights even if I am in a place for of lights. The point is, your iPad will automatically adjust depending on the ambient of the surrounding place. Use this feature to minimize the draining of your battery.

Settings => Brightness => Auto-Brightness => On

The Bottom Line

Apple does not provide free battery replacements for all damaged iPad batteries. Instead, you will have to pay $99 for the battery alone excluding tax and shipping fee. Another thing is, you will not be able to find iPad battery replacement anywhere else except in Apple Store. Therefore, it pays a lot to do some minor tweaks on your iPads default settings. Do it now before your battery dies.

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