6 Facebok Tricks that will make Your Facebook Page to Stand Out in the Crowd

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6 Facebok Tricks that will make Your Facebook Page to Stand Out in the CrowdIndieTech.my.id, Certainly it seems that Facebook changes its functionality as often as you change socks? Perhaps you already have 100% track of all the tricks you can do with his Facebook page. Maybe you missed something. This will in all cases 6 Facebook tricks you can do to create an even better side.

6 Facebook Tricks for Your Facebook FanPage

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1. Keep track of statistics

Sure, it sounds boring, but it’s the statistics that you can actually get insights into what makes you get commitment on your part.

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Something you might not know is that if you hold your cursor over the number who have seen your post so you can get out how many people saw your page organically (your fans) and viral (your fans friends).

2. Position your photos

It’s really störigt when even the photos that you upload from getting completely wrong, which happens sometimes. If it looks strange going commitment to reduce, but fortunately you can do something about it.

You can position your photos by clicking on the pen in the top right corner of the post then “Reposition Photo”. Now you can drag the image the way you want it!

3. Schedule Posts

Many people use Facebook in the evenings. If you are working with social marketing you may not want to bring your work home to get the best results. Now you can instead schedule your posts and automatically post them at a certain time.

To schedule your post so it is required that you post as admin. If you are there, it will seem a little clock in the lower left corner where you can set what time you want to add up the post.

4. Define the administrative rights

If you are a big team working on your facebook page, it may be appropriate to restrict the RATTIGHER that each user has. For example you may not want everyone to be managers and to remove others including your own rights to the page. You change the rights under the “Edit page” in the admin panel, then click on “Admin Roles”.

5. highlights on your posts

Have an additional important post that you want to appear even more, you highlights on this post by clicking on the star in the upper right side of the post. Then take the place of both lines in the timeline and thus even more space.

6. Keep track of what gets your posts appear

Have you ever thought about what it is that makes your posts popping up on your fan facebook feeds? The fact that there is so much activity on Facebook and all these aktivier can potentially come up on the news, Facebook has had to give priority to these posts. You can not show everything. Facebook has an algorithm to predict how important a post is just for you. This algorithm is kept secret of course exactly as Google does with its PageRank but as always, is the most common sense behind. For example, one can guess that the fresher a post, the more interesting it is and more like it gives more weight and appears on several participants news feed.

At Facebook’s algorithm will be described in more detail in future posts. So watch out if you want to know more another great facebook tricks!

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