A Glimpse to the Latest iTunes 9.0.3

By On Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 Categories : iphone

After the grand debut of Apple’s latest innovation, which is the iPad Tablet, a lot of new updates continues to flow in the software level of any Apple device. To name a few, are the iPhone version 3.1.3 for both iPhone and iPod, and the same thing is brought by the latest iTunes 9.0.3 update.

What is with the 9.0.3 edition of iTunes?

In this article, we will be naming few of the major functionalities of the latest iTunes 9.0.3 version. Just to give you a heads-up of what this update is all about, think about the existing bugs in the iTunes system. Because these bugs were identified, Apple had come up with an instantaneous resolution, and they made it possible with the release of the latest iTunes version.

What is iTunes 9.0.3?

It is a 90.82MB update that endows users with a lot of significant bug fixes. This would comprise the following:

  • Syncing issue. This pertains to the underlying issue with syncing some Podcasts and Smart Playlists with your iPod device. This functionality was obviously destabilized by certain bugs. A usual problem occurring to any system, regardless of how good the program is made.
  • Password setting issue. This certainly would stop the annoying rejection of the “Remember password for purchase” setting in the iTunes system. When iTunes still disregard any entered password for the purchase, many users opt to quit. Was this error anticipated or not? Well, whether it was caused by a bug or not, what is most important now is the fact that it already has a solution.
  • Connection detection issue. The iTunes 9.0.3 would also rectify the issue regarding the recognition of an iPod connection.
  • Performance and Permanence issue. This update offers a resolution to the existing problem regarding performance and stability of the iTunes utility. It then entails, a better iTunes performance, likewise with its unwavering capabilities.

This is such a good news to every iTunes fanatic out there. You just have gotten one good reason to keep going with your iTunes app instead of dipping it. It is now time to put an end to your iTunes dilemma. With the iTunes version 9.0.3, a resolution to the aforesaid glitches would be a guarantee to every iTunes user. This vividly manifests the fact that Apple cares. Nevertheless, this does not yet conclude everything in iTunes, for the possibility of another issues to come out is still inevitable, sooner or later.