A Quick Guide to Set up the iPad Gadget from Apple

By On Sunday, January 28th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Setting up the iPad is yet, a simple process, regardless of the many processes involved. Read on the subsequent guide on how to set up the iPad gadget from Apple.

Secure an iTunes Account

Aside from securing the latest iTunes version, prior to start with the iPad set up, be sure to secure an iTunes account. You will need this for the registration of your iPad, for getting the necessary applications for the iPad and for the purchase of movies and music stuff from the iTunes store. If you still do not have an iTunes account, then you can set it up first so that you can proceed with the iPad set up.

Physical Set up

Everything begins with the physical set up. This means getting everything properly hooked up to each other. Get the iPad off from its box and look for the sync cable in the package. And then plug it into the dock connecter located beneath the iPad, while the other end (USB connector) of the cable plugged into the computer. Once properly connected, the iTunes should launch, thereby initiating the set up process of the iPad.

The iPad Registration

You will then be asked if you want to register your iPad now or later. Registration of the iPad is optional, though. For those who are keen to register, you can always opt to do so.

Conditions and Terms Agreement

Well, this is to ensure you agree to whatever terms and conditions specified by the Apple company to every iPad user including you, so you have to accept and agree with them for you to proceed.

Account Information for Registration

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will be asked to input necessary details. This time, you will be using your iTunes account for logging in. Once you’ve successfully entered the account information, you will then be asked to input your contact details. You have to provide them to complete the registration process and proceed.

MobileMe Trial Option

After the registration, you will be prompted with MobileMe trial service option from Apple. MobileMe services include syncing of contents across several devices, providing of an e-mail and web-based storage and more. All these are given free for sixty days. Beyond the 60-day trial, you will be obliged to pay $99.00 annually to keep this service. So, you have to decide as to whether or not you want to take or leave it.

New Setup or Backup

You are actually given two main options to set up your iPad, either you want it set up as NEW device or from backup. The latter means that you can utilize previous settings on the iPod touch or iPhone you have had for your iPad settings. There are no worries if you want to choose the latter for now since you still can have it changed later on.

On the other hand, if you wish to setup the iPad as a completely NEW gadget, then you have to fill up all the necessary information in the window provided. This would include the name you want to give to your iPad and other essential details for the initial settings. Available setting options provided include automatic syncing of songs, apps or photos. These are modifiable though.

Once you have specified all the necessary details, you may then proceed to syncing all the content to the iPad. Once it is done, it completes the set up of the iPad gadget you have from Apple. You can now use it the way you wanted.