A sample of an official commitment letter?

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A sample of an official commitment letter?. Are You misses or mister has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please found the good soution below this line:

Answers for this question:

Here is a sample le

Your Name
Name of your Department

Name of your Manager/Director
Name of your Company
Company Address

Date Written

Subject: Request for Purchase of Laptop

Respected Sir/Ma`am:

I would like your permission to allow us to buy a new laptop for the purpose of: (Mention the reasons for the purchase request) that is required on or before: (mention the proposed date of purchase).
Here are the specifications of the laptop needed for the office:
Brand of Laptop:
a. CPU
b. Motherboard
c. Hard Disk
d. RAM
e. Video Card
f. Sound Card
g. Laptop Size, Weight and Dimension
h. Optical Media Drive
i. Battery Life
j. Miscellaneous or Peripherals

I am promising you that the mentioned laptop will be kept with great diligence and will undergo rightful documentation prior and during its purchase as well as, to maximize its usage for the benefit of the operations of our department. The laptop will be kept in charge to (insert name of person), since I am also preparing to file for my maternity leave from (Date your maternity leave will start) to (Date your maternity leave will end). I am sending copies of this letter to other concern departments and have been forwarded to you and to them by email as well as fax.

I am hoping that you’ll say yes to grant my request. In any case, I am grateful for the time and effort in reading my letter.

Thank you very much and More Power!

Very Truly Yours,
Your Signature
Your Printed Name.


Hello there and welcome to ASK ME FAST

You can follow this format and even make some alternative and add on to the letter. I would be giving you a sample format.


Date: December 3, 2013

To: Mr. Sergio Osmena- Government Consultant Specialist

Subject: Resignation letter


This is Miriam D. Santiago I am one of the government Researcher working for almost 5 years in the government office. It has been a great privilege to be able to work as one of the government officials. Serving and being the instrument to do services to the nation is a great fulfilment. But at this moment i would like to venture out as i am running as a counsilor in barangay. I believe this would serve as a stepping stone for me in engaging in being a public servant. Hoping you will accept my resignation letter and more powers.


Miriam D. Santiago – Researcher


Hello there.. Here is a draft letter you may want to use.. Please fill in with necessary information..

Name of Department Head/Office
Name of Department/Office

Greetings! In line with my duty, I am requesting your good office to please issue a computer unit to be utilized in my work as ____ (mention your position). Rest assured that work will have faster turnaround if my request is granted. The computer unit will be of great help so I can carry out my responsibility at work better.
Hoping for your favorable and immediate response regarding my request. Thank you.


Signature over Printed Name.



Dear Kagawad (name):

Congratulations for winning in the recently concluded Brgy. Elections.

We would like to ask your good office if you could donate the sum of (place amount) for a new basketball board, it is needed for our baranggay basketball court, so we could encourage our residents especially teens to play the sport rather than be idle and go into trouble that youths today do.

Thank you and hoping for your favorable response regarding our request.

Best Regards,



Check this letter:

Dear Barangay Captain (replace with names)


May I request from your good office to allow me to borrow our barangay`s sound system since we are going to conduct a meeting or disco party for our community. The proceeds of the said activity will be given to a charity.

Thank you for considering my request.

Respectfully yours,

Your name.


Date: November 6, 2013

University of Fraser Valley
British Columbia, Canada

To: (name of receiver)


I would like to request for the official mailing office of each administration in the University. As we are trying to set a collection of employees working there and would like to send them a monthly mail list. Looking forward hearing your reply.

(name of sender)


Please visit internet sites, there are lot of samples online.


Approval note sheet regarding purchase of laptop battery.


I need a formal letter resigning as barangay official.