About custome recovery on a tablet?

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About custome recovery on a tablet?. Are You sir & mam has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz read the good feedback right after below:\r\n

I have a ST10NZ tablet. When i tried to remove the malware that came with the tablet such as Disney books i now get a error message saying “unfortunatley, the process com.android.systemui has stopped. I am trying now to install a custom rom to fix this problem but am stuck . Can you please help??


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Ok thank you.


Thanks for replies. Here is the details: it`s ZBS (brand) A9000 (model) tablet. The specific of the tablet (maybe it`s common I don`t know) is that vol-up and vol-down keys are combined with Home and Menu keys. One click on Menu is Menu itself, long click is changing volume. Don`t know if it makes any difference in the process of getting into service mode.

1. I tried a lot of known buttons combinations but without success. No service menu, just usual spalsh screens and then stuck at the screen with android word. I will try agian to go through all suggested methods.

2. I hoped I could connect to the tablet through adb to see what is going on but I cannot connect to the tablet. adb says – waiting for device or something like this. That measns no control through adb ?

Any ideas how to proceed?


If the tablet goes straight to the recovery menu, it is possible that you have pressed a combination of keys and that triggered the recovery menu. It is also possible that some of the keys are stuck.
Try to navigate through the recovery menu.
Use your volume keys to go to wipe data/factory reset.
This will reset the device meaning, it will delete all the name data. Just go on when you are sure that it is okay to delete everything. Then select it using either the home button or the power button.
Then delete all data, yes. Then reboot.
Check if the device will be back to normal.


It would be helpful if you provide the details on how you installed your recovery mode. Most recovery mode is inserted on kernel level on the android OS or a total replacement of the recovery image on the Android device. You may need to reflash the original firmware on your device. But since your device cannot be read by the computer then a special tool could be use such as hardware box e.g. medusa, octopus tool box. These tools are only accessible to qualified technicians. The best option would be to bring it to a service center for manual re flashing so that you could use your Android tablet again.


May be the HDD is corrupted and for Hard Disk Recovery there are many firms in market of data recovery, but I personally prefer one of them that provides good quality service.



I don`t know if Playstore is in my laptop, like it is in my phone for Andriod.


How do I do hard reset on my hcl me tablet …Model no Y2.



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