Angry Birds Rio ‘Beach Volley’ Update Released

By On Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 Categories : iphone


If you already have Angry Birds Rio on your iOS or Android gadget, then you must have known that Rovio will release the update for the game. As the first update was said to be coming this month, Rovio fulfills their promise to do this as they release the update yesterday to add the new Beach Volley Episode.

According to the previous teaser released by Rovio, the new episode is take place on the lovely Rio beach where most of us surely have never really coming to that place, or even somewhere with that kind of direct sunlight. The teaser also indicates that you will have to beat more monkeys instead of setting birds free, just like at the Smuggler’s Den.

It seems that Rovio is working pretty hard to keep up their good job into Angry Birds Rio. They have change the materials used to build the structures such as sand, inflatable rings, and beach umbrellas in this Beach Volley episode. I think the plantains were different on each level to give a unique feel. Just make sure that you keep an eye on your mobile devices because soon, you will be able to feel the new Beach Volley update.