Another PC Acess iPad App: Installing LogMeIn

By On Monday, May 21st, 2018 Categories : iPad

Do you remember the other post about PC access using your iPad? Well, it’s not the only way to access your PC using your iPad. Here is another way of doing this. It is through the app called LogMeIn Ignition. Let’s face it. You’re not always at home to access your PC all the time right? Unfortunately as well, you’re not always in front of your PC every time you need to access it. Your iPad however, because it’s really handy and all, could take the place of your PC during the time that you’re not lugging around your PC, but let’s also admit that the iPad, no matter how awesome it is, still couldn’t replace your PC. It’s still not the same. The iPad has a lot of functions, but our PC still has more.

Fortunately, this need is already addressed by the different PC access apps out there. They are not always cheap though. LogMeIn Ignition costs almost $30, but if you really need this function, then rest assured that every cent would be well spent. now, the question, how exactly do you use LogMeIn Ignition?

Installing LogMeIn Ignition

First, you have to install it to your iPad. just access your App Market, search for LogMeIn Ignition, and download it and install it. After the install, log on to LogMeIn’s website to register the PC that you want to access. There are two options: the free on and the pro one. The free one is already okay, and you might want to try it out as well first before paying more for it, right?

After choosing the option free, the website will prompt you that you need to install a desktop client. During the installation of the client, you will be prompted to create an access code – one that you will use every time you want to access your PC. Your installation process is complete! You can now access your PC with your iPad. Have fun!