Apple App Store 2.0 Is Being Prepared

By On Friday, March 23rd, 2018 Categories : iTunes


Some time ago, there is an incoming report saying that Apple was planning to celebrate their 10th anniversary of the Apple Stores. Now, it is revealed that they will revamp the stores to be Apple Store 2.0.  The rumors from 9to5Mac saying that this new store will be a restructuring of the retail environment which is centered for iPad.

It means that most of the paper signage that you will encounter in the new store will be ditched and adapted for iPad, which is an understandable decision. The Apple Store 2.0 will now has a larger emphasis to help the users to personalize their device in the zones called the “Startup sessions’. Those zones are aiming to help the new users to setup their iOS or Mac devices.

The previous reports also said that the Apple Store 2.0 will be an in-house solution for most transactions. If you remember, a couple moments before the stores still using Microsoft’s software to handle the transactions, but now the employees already have a modified iPod Touch to sell the products. The RetaiilMe app should have a new tool for the employees with iPad. Let’s just see on what the Apple Store 2.0 would be.