Apple Decide to Pull Gay Cure iPhone App from The AppStore

By On Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 Categories : iphone

Apple Decide to Pull G4y Cure iPhone App from The AppStore. After receiving hugh criticism due to the presence of ‘gay cure’ application for the iPhone and iPad, Apple finally decided to withdraw the application.

Apple sparked protests and g4y community activist when displaying an application that can be called back to make gay people ‘normal’ in the App Store. The application was presented by a religious group called Exodus International.

Following the launch of that application, activists and the gay community took the initiative to conduct an online petition urging Apple to reduce the application. Until this news was revealed, the petition has reached 146 thousand.

Guardian launch on Wednesday, applications that are sold since February 15 it was not to be found again on iTunes since last night. Apple has not provided comments related to the excitement generated application.

In a petition letter addressed to the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, the activists said: “Apple does not allow applications that are racist or anti-Semitic in-store applications. But, Apple gave the green light for applications that target the youth LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ) which is still fragile with the message that their sexual orientation is a sin. ”

“This is a double standard with the risk of unpleasant consequences. Apple should immediately be told clearly, that this is unacceptable,” added the activists.

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