Apple Fighting GetJar for ‘App Store’ Terms

By On Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 Categories : iTunes


Another enemy for Apple. Now, they are trying to keep the other companies away from the ‘App Store’ terms. According to Wall Street Journal, they are sending GetJar a cease-and-desist letter about that term.  Apple is pretty successful with their App Store. It can be seen when they reach 15 billion downloads. Apple also use a trademark for their App Store, so the other companies can’t use the term. That is why RIM using the term ‘BlackBerry App World’ for their marketplace.

GetJar is actually the largest independent app store in the planet. They claim that they haven’t heard about the case, but they have fired back in a blog post which said that it is questionable for Apple to own the term ‘App Store’. They mentioned when Apple failed to register the App Store in 2008 with the USPTO.

However, Apple was filed again with a provisional registration with a condition that they are able to use the trademark for ‘App Store’ as long as nobody opposed it. Unfortunately, Microsoft and some others oppose it.  Get Jar also said that they are not using the term for brand/slogan or their strapline, they only use it in press release and the positioning with consumers.