Apple Hits Samsung in South Korea

By On Friday, June 15th, 2018 Categories : iPad


The story about a battle between Samsung and Apple seems like won’t meet an end in the near future. In this legal battle about Apple’s design issues and Samsung’s wireless patent, Apple brought this fight into the homeland of Samsung, South Korea. This iPad maker has decided that they need to fill a lawsuit there about some patent infringements after Samsung also filed their lawsuits against Apple in Japan, Germany, and of course South Korea.

Beside copying their mobile products, Apple also accused Samsung for their harassment to see Apple’s future plans for the coming iPad and iPhone. This is happen because when Apple accused Samsung for totally copying their designs for mobile phone, Samsung demanding to see the future plans of the iPhone and iPad to make sure that there will be no similarities between them in the future.

Unfortunately, the judge denied Samsung’s request. However, Apple was also requesting to place an injunction into some of the Galaxy products line, and the judge also denied that. Despite those fighting, the fact is Samsung was still the biggest supplier for Apple, as Apple is still the largest buyer of semiconductors from the Korean company.