Apple iOS5 Has Some Features From Others

By On Thursday, May 31st, 2018 Categories : iphone


Apple has just revealed the iOS5 at WWDC 2011 and it has more than 200 new features. However if you pay a close attention, you will notice that Apple got some of the inspirations from other OS. The biggest change is on the Push Notification System. The old system might pretty disturbing and if you ignored it for some moments, it would be missed. The new way is by hit the notification on top, and you will be directed to the related apps. Or you can pull down a window to access it. Sounds like Android right?

The camera also got some improvements such as deeper integration for Twitter, PhotoStream iCloud for sharing, and others. The best thing is you can now quickly access your camera even if your phone is locked and you use a passcode. It means that you won’t miss any memorable moments due to unlocking your phone. Great idea, just like when Windows Phone 7 have it for the first time.

There are more similar things such as the iMessage app which works like BlackBerry Messenger and the new ability to instantly connected to computer like an Android, again. Actually I love it, just like the other peoples. Except Samsung maybe.