Apple iPhone Rejects Two App Updates

By On Monday, August 22nd, 2016 Categories : iphone

The perfect products, which Apple offers, are no more a secret. Starting from the iPhones, which Apple Inc announced in the market in January 2007, and finally launching it on June 2007, Apple is constantly upgrading the iPhone by adding new features and functionality almost every year. Tracing back to history, after the launch of iPhone, (experts call the invention of iPhone as invention of the year 2007), the company introduced iPhone 3G for better data transfer speed and for supporting the GPS in 2008. In the beginning of the year 2009, keeping the promise of bringing some new technology, the company came out with the 3.0 version of iPhone OS operating system and finally the Apple Inc is back with the latest addition in the iPhone series with iPhone 3Gs in June 2009.

To keep up the perfect record and offer the customer with uninterrupted services, Apple chooses each of the features and app in the iPhone carefully. Recently, the iPhone developer rejected two app services from its unending list of the apps. FastFinder and Chirp!Bird songs were the amongst the services that the company is no more using as an app. The main reasons for the rejection are their inability to connect themselves with internet faster resulting in inappropriate ratings.

FastFinder offers the user with the main function of locating the search engines, and Facebook while the Chirp! Bird has a unique feature, through which you can easily listen bird sings. The company generally follows the thumb and includes those apps having higher quality content for internet access, so the users can use it immediately whenever required. After the rejection, Apple Inc specifically said that it might reject other apps too in future ,if they do not meet the requirements and live up to the quality promise of the company.

The iPhone apps, which are still intact with the Apple iPhones

Although you will not get two of the above said iPhone/ ipod touch apps, yet the company has unending list of apps to satisfy its every increasing list of clients. Following are some of the apps, which are still the part of Apple iPhones.

1) Next flight, which tracks the complete schedule of your flights, helps you out in planning for your journey and avoid chances of your missing any flight.
2) If you are new to any city and want to explore the city without a professional guide, then you can use your iPhone too, as the Hear Planet apps searches the nearby location for you.
3) Urban spoon is another travel app, which will guide you regarding local restaurant and other attractions.
4) Air sharing is another great ipod touch app through which you can save the HTML pages and your searches, so that you can use it while you are abroad to save on your roaming cost.