Apple iPhone Tips

By On Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 Categories : iphone

iPhone is the most famous gadget right now, if you own one cool iPhone mobile right now, then the Apple iPhone Tips below will help you to care of your phone:

1) To avoid switching back and forth between ABC and 123 you can simply move your finger to the 123 button and without lifting your finger move it to the character/number you to add, and then lift your finger.

2) When a call comes you can silence the ring by pressing the sleep/wake button once in iPhone.

3) To send the call to voicemail press the sleep/wake button twice.

4) If u wants to delete a lot of text hold the delete key. First it will star deleting letter by letter and then word by word.

5) When using safari when scrolling through the pages if you wish to return to the top of the address bar double tap the top of the screen.

6) Unlike other iPhone applications like safari and mail in GOOGLE maps it requires two fingers to tap in order to zoom out and one finger double tap to zoom in.

7) When viewing the video, pinch the button once to pause/resume the video.

8) When listening to songs, pinch the button once to pause/resume the music playback and pinch it twice in succession to skip to the next song.

9) To force quit a program press and hold the home button for six seconds.

10) To completely reset the iPhone hold the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously for eight seconds.