Apple Macbook 2010 Review

By On Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 Categories : Mac

Apple Macbook 2010 Review. In just three and a half years, Apple has managed to challenge all market segments, MacBook became best-selling Mac model around the U.S. airline history. In all these years, Apple’s strategy was to target on all social groups, from students to professionals in the field till. If in the case of Romania the most common product is either an iPod or iPhone, thanks to special offers and lower prices compared to a MacBook, you can not say the same thing and overseas, where people buy more and more sites MacBook . In its first since 2006 remodeling, polycarbonate MacBook received besides a whole range of features and MacBook Pro 13inch LED display and unibody design.

In many respects, remained alone among MacBook Apple notebooks. Being “the least expensive model in the series, lacked some features that standards already imposed new line of laptops on the market. The most important design element missing was unibody construction. Manufacture of chassis from a single piece of polycarbonate (aluminum to other models) automatically leads to a reduction in weight and increase durability, so moving to a unibody design was deemed necessary. So Macbook 2010 is that has taken over from the previous model material used for “shell” and has been replicated across the entire new model, all one piece. While color has remained as consistent, we now are dealing with a much smoother surface, as the ASCUS boundless previous generation.

If until now we were used to find rubber small holders located in the rear corners of the laptop for stability, the construction of the new MacBook 2010 not we will rejoin them. Virtually the entire area is a mega-stand rubber support, secured by eight screws Phillips Manufacturing. This surface is much smoother and not so much proves pad friction and the previous version, and not even collect much dust.

A possible disadvantage of unibody design that I do, is incorporated in the laptop battery. As long as Apple will offer for sale unibody laptop battery can not be changed by the user. According to Apple, the battery life is somewhere between 3.5 and 7 hours plus 1,000 recharge cycles before your performance to drop it to 80%. That would mean about five years to grasp the decrease of 20%.