Apple Testing Hi-Res iPad

By On Monday, July 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

There is a new rumor from the Korean Times which said that Apple is testing a high resolution display on the 9.7 inch screen which will feature a Retina Display for the next iPad. The report claims that Apple will provide us with an improved display with quad extended graphics (QXGA) which reach 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution and 4.3 aspect ration for a full HD viewing experience.

It is understandable if the next iPad has a higher resolution display. But the question now, when will the next iPad coming to the market? If we saw Apple’s pattern in recent years, it should come in April 2012. However this year, Apple has change its pattern in a big way by releasing the new iPhone in Summer. The iPhone might landed in a few month, but the schedule change will surely affect the iPad.

The other previous rumors said that this hi-res screen will be placed for iPad HD this Fall which will include some internal improvements to deal with the screen update. This will allow Apple to take a great advantage from the holiday selling season with their brand new product. They still even have the iPad 3 for early next spring.