Apple Testing iPhone With LTE

By On Sunday, May 20th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Are you tired of reading about iPhone 5 rumors? It must be great if Apple launch the device today. But now, let’s change the topic a little bit into another future smartphone from Apple. This one is equipped with LTE. It seems that Apple is currently testing an iPhone model which will work on global LTE 4G networks on their nest.

This report was coming from BGR who has received evidence about the internal iOS test build from Apple’s major carrier with a property list file for LTE in it. I don’t say that all future product from Apple will going to have LTE technology, but it proves that Apple is also interested to develop a device on 4G LTE networks. It could means a longer lasting battery in their devices.

Of course we are hoping that the report is true, but we are still unsure when will it happens. It is hard to say if iPhone 5 could be the device, but the chance is pretty small. However, this fact means that we might see one of the LTE device next summer. It is a long way though, but just like Apple did, they don’t want to be the first adopter, but will surely be the best one.