Apple vs. Chinese Company: An Arising Issue over iPad Tablet Scheme

By On Saturday, January 6th, 2018 Categories : iPad
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Is it a mere coincidence or mimic? Another contentious news is buzzing, telling that a certain Chinese company would probably sue Apple due to the alleged issue about the iPad Tablet scheme, as being a replica to the P88 Tablet patented by Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial. How true is this?

When Apple announced its new creation, the iPad Tablet device, many people were speculating on how credible the device would be compared to the other existing Apple release. Undeniably, many people were astonished and esteemed upon seeing the latest gadget, which is depicting Apple’s dignified in-and-out technical design concept. But who would have thought that such scheme is considered a mere duplicate of other company’s novelty?

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The P88 Tablet vs. iPad Tablet

The P88 Tablet made by a Chinese Company named Shenzhen Great Loong Brother was made available for selling way back last year. Similar with the iPad Tablet, the P88 is a portable device designed to utilize touch screen utilities. Its size at 10.5 inches is closely similar with Apple’s iPad at 9.7 inches. Both devices have a black border, yet the iPad appears to be lighter. In terms of battery life, Apple’s iPad Tablet also got an edge over the Chinese P88 Tablet.

Who is Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial?

According to relevant sources, the Chinese company that is planning to sue Apple over iPad Tablet scheme is known for their being “shanzai”. The term implies a concept of generating knock-off “bandit” phones and pertinent accessories. In short, this company produces mimic products including famous handsets and at times, iPhone imitations.

However, according to a representative of such Chinese company, (surnamed Wu), “For this thing we are not shanzhai, because we were first.” He also added that his company’s Tablet device is already available in the U.S. country, yet he did not disclose further information relevant to it, per se the name of the outlets where their Tablet is sold. Well, it makes sense, though because the P88 Tablet was launched in a prior year than the 2010 iPad Tablet from Apple.

As of the moment, nobody from Apple has yet commented on this issue. What impact would this may caused to Apple business? This is just another or perhaps the first striking news that makes the iPad Tablet becoming more and more controversial these days.

This really has to be justified by Apple itself. Of course, it is not only their iPad Tablet that would be compromised, but rather the entire company’s credibility is also at stake, at this point.

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