Apple with an All New Record in Sales with the iPhone and the iPad!

By On Friday, April 13th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Most of Apple‘s biggest competitors are from Asia, and that is a well known fact. However, Apple‘s power over Asia on last quarter’s analysis is enough to make their competitors persevere even more, for even in their territory, Apple is overpowering them. Yes, Apple is indeed sweeping Asia iPhone by iPhone at a time. The outcome? Revenues and profits double at a record breaking level.

Net income are doubled for this year’s fiscal third quarter. From $3.25 billion just a year ago, to $7.31 billion this year. Revenue attained was $28.6 billion compared to $15.7 billion a year ago. It increased by 82%.

How Apple Brought Home The Bacon.

There are a couple of different reasons and techniques that Apple did to boost up their gadgets’ sales, and it didn’t happen overnight. First of, they extended their network carriers. Before, only AT&T sold their iPhones, but they accepted the fact that indeed Verizon Wireless is the largest carrier in the US, so they accepted the fact and offered their iPhone to Verizon as well. Just imagine the significant change it did with their sales especially for consumers that are already using Verizon but do not want to change networks along with the change of phone. Another factor, is that iPhones are sweeping China by storm, and we all know how big China is right?  So if they have established a stable trend in China, then that should take their sales two notches up. So, although the analysts did not expect this high an increase, we can say that Apple is expecting it after all of the hard work they delivered for the past year.

Now, the next project to push their sales further is said to be coming up with a cheaper Apple alternative of the iPhone, or a cheaper iPhone altogether. This is one of the few remaining challenges they have left to actually owning the market. Of course, their biggest competitors all have their own Android phones – which are waaay cheaper than Apple’s iPhone. The Apple’s stand for now is kinda vague, but let’s hope for the best. Tim Cook, their Chief Operating Officer has released a statement that sounds like they’re actually working on something great but could still be sold cheaper than the existing iPhone. Hence, we could only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Moving on with the iPad, did you know that Apple has already sold 29 million iPads from the date it was released just last April 2010? Even Apple didn’t expect a warm welcome like this from the public. Just one thing though, iPad’s release was unexpected but this could’ve given them an idea on how the public would accept it’s next model, the iPad 2. With this understanding, it made the shortage of stocks of the iPad 2 a little unacceptable. Good thing Apple has already sorted it out.

The advance of sales of the iPhone and iPad however are almost paid for with the decline of the Mac and the iPod. As it turns out, those who would probably buy a Mac have bought themselves an iPad instead, and the same works for the iPod where people bought an iPhone instead.