Apple Working Hard On The Growing Demand For iPad 2

By On Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 Categories : iPad

March was a good month this year for Apple. It was the release of the most awaited iPad 2. The public of course, was super accomodating of the new tablet, so much so that the production of the demanded orders became a little bit hard for Apple to answer.

While Stocks Last…

The iPad 2 and Its Different Colored Covers

During the first few weeks of the tablet’s release, it proved to be really difficult to grab one. Best Buy and Apple stores were always out of stock. Even the Radio Shack has already extended their help in assuaging the demand. We’re even talking just about the local market here, as the iPad 2 has started international orders a few weeks later. Orders is indeed the proper term as the few weeks after the release, international shipping and delivery could even take more than a month!

What’s good with Apple though, is even if their beloved tablet is selling like hotcakes, they still try to maintain a consistent price and not ride on the public’s selling trend. Their prize for this is experiencing the dream of all manufacturers and business – higher demand than the number of available products.

Anyway, we can now take a breath of fresh air because Apple has finally set the records straight. They have finally gotten enough supply for the impateiently waiting demand. One good sign is that Apple is finally shipping the iPad 2 in less than a week or one to three days to be exact. They could just hope that people actually waited for it, and have not grabbed another tablet instead. However, even though the APple site has already improved their shipping dramatically, from more than a month to less than a week, the opposite could be said for the other retailers of the product. The iPad 2 is still unavailable in from Best Buy and Walmart, while AT&T and MacMall ships after one to two weeks.

One thing is for sure though, the same demand is expected from the other products that are lined-up for Apple to launch: the iPad HD, iPhone 5, and the iPad 3. If they really want to make the cut, they should’ve already finished quite a number of iPad HDs and iPhone 5s since they are going to be released this coming September, and have already started on the manufacturing of the iPad 3 coming out at the end of the year or early next year.

This is also the main reason why most Apple experts and analysts predict that the release of the iPad 3 in the end of the year is going to be a little shady and probably even close to impossible. The time allotment is just not enough to secure an immediate answer to the upcoming demand, and that would kill the market of the iPad 2 as well.

It is important to remember though that the backlog of the iPad 2 is not really the fault of Apple’s miscalculations. Let us just remember that this could also be an effect of the Japanese Tsunami tragedy that took place just days after the iPad 2’s release.

Another reason could be Foxconn’s manufacturing issues about the product, saying that the device is “very difficult to make”, but rest assured, for they are doing everything they can to come up with ways to make the manufacturing of the iPad 2 faster and more efficient.