Apple’s Newest Projects: iLife 2010, iPhone 4.0 OS and Tablet

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What to expect from the latest Apple innovations?

January 27, 2010, in San Francisco, another big event is going to be held. It is going to be a new immense date in the Apple business, as it holds another significant product release for their Smartphone software updates. It has been buzzed over the television networks and the Internet that three of their newest projects are going to be unveiled on this day. They are talking about the iLife 2010, iPhone 4.0 OS and the Tablet projects. The much-awaited event on the 27th has been confirmed by the Fox News Team as Clayton Morris spoke to the “Apple Insiders” regarding this matter.

Software-Level Update

Though the intact and precise feature is not yet fully uncovered, the iLife 2010, iPhone 4.0 OS, and the Tablet will surely be another talk-of-the-town in the later days. Nevertheless, according to the sources, we will not be seeing a fresh hardware for iPhone but rather will just be offered with software updates. This entails the revelation of new Operating Systems for the iPhone contrivance. Knowing that these will only be software-level updates, what would these be and how much integrity would they bring to the existing iPhone hardware?

Pertinent Gossips

It has been said that it is also possible that Apple will change its mind in a sudden, as to what certain products or software updates to launch at the very last minute. This is basing on what has happened during the iPod Touch inauguration last September. Remember this event when the new iPod was initiated without a camera? Nevertheless, according to some sources, Apple still plans to append a cam to the next iPod Touch.

Last December, some reports have also entailed that some developers have been working with a new software development kit with a simulator. The simulator aims to ease developers in acclimatizing their apps to various screen resolutions. Would this be the iPhone 4.0 OS, that will be unveiled on the 27th?

Apple Invites

“Come and see our latest creation” – such a beguiling tagline utilized by the company to invite their guests on the 27th event. Apple has sent invitations to the press earlier Monday. The debut will be held in San Francisco, particularly at the Yerba Buena Center, which is scheduled for ten o’clock in the morning (Pacific Time).

Be sure to mark your calendars then. There will be no other date but on the 27th of next week. Let us all be acquainted with Apple’s latest software innovations signified by the iLife 2010, iPhone 4.0 OS and the Tablet projects on that very day. All the questions you have in mind will surely be answered, then.