Are You Smarter Than An Ape?

By On Monday, April 16th, 2018 Categories : iPad

To partner with the upcoming movie, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, comes an app that could answer the question “are you smarter than an ape?”. The movie deals with just that, wherein the smartness of the apes were messed with by humans and the experiment unexpectedly went out of control and resulted to an army of unbelievably intelligent apes.

Now, the question goes back to you. Are YOU smarter than an ape? Know the answer by downloading this app. This app is based on the real-life experiment of Kyoto Experiment. So the mechanics of the game is that there are nine numbers, one to nine, which is going to be shown to you for a few seconds. It would be covered after and it is going to be your task to remember how they were placed and tap on the boxes accordingly. Apparently chimps have really good memory, most of the time, even better than human adult memory, believe it or not.

A lot of research were made to prove this, hence as humans, we can’t do anything about it but just accept the simple truth that indeed, chimps could remember better than us. This research and finding was found out by no other than Tetsuro Matsuzawa of the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University, and the whole research team have concrete evidences to back up their findings.

Find out the answer.

There are three levels to the game: easy, hard, and ape. These different levels just make the duration of which the numbers are shown differ. You could just say that during the easy level, the numbers are shown the slowest and it gives the player more than enough time to take note where the numbers are located. Hard on the other hand is a little bit faster than the easy level. Finally, the ape level is the most difficult level which shows the numbers the fastest. This level is the maximum skill of an ape to still remember the numbers – so if you get over this level, then you are smarter than an ape. If you don’t, then you just have to keep trying  until you get it.

Aside from the game, you also get other features with this app as well. It also contains some important information about the movie, like its trailer, how many days are left before the movie’s opening, and the different personalities involved in the making of the film. You can also buy tickets to the movie through this app. Finally, it’s also synced with the Rise of the Planet of the Apes Youtube channel so you would be able to catch the latest videos about the movie while it’s still hot through your app.

To sum it up,  it would also be  safe to say that this app is not just a typical game app, but an all-around app of the upcoming movie. If you’re really anticipating for the movie’s release then you should definitely download and install this app, and even if you’re not you still should. Why? This app is free, so it wouldn’t hurt whether you download it, unless you can’t get through the ape level; then that’s another issue altogether.