AT&T Preparing iPhone 5 for September Launch

By On Sunday, July 8th, 2018 Categories : iphone

The rumors about the launching of iPhone 5 has been heard since weeks ago. It will come sooner or later anyway. Now, the latest rumor from BGR said that AT&T is preparing to launch the smartphone some point on mid September. No specific name on the news, they only mention “a proven source”. By the timing, the rumor is make a lot of sense.

Usually, Apple release a new update on summer, but not with this year. However, they still reach a selling record this quarter even without a refresh. Also usually in September, Apple has an iPod event. So, there is a possiblity to drop the iPhone on that event. A great timing for back to school season with fresher product on the holiday shopping season.

Apple was planning to sell about 25 million of their iPhones by the end of this year. It sounds pretty realistic as they are able to sell more than 20 million units last quarter, even without any refreshment. If the previous rumor about the high end and low end version of the iPhone 5, I think that there is nothing easier than 25 million units sales. Another rumor from apple is about ipod touch 5th gen.