Battery Status iPod Touch Apps

By On Thursday, September 8th, 2016 Categories : iPod Touch

Look out on another dimension of technology presentation for its end users that it provides endlessly. This battery Status iPod Touch application is app for your phone to indicate you about the battery status in case you are not that alert on it. One may find it silly to download his application, but at the same time once you get to know about this application you will never wait or hesitate to use it. Published by iPhone wizards, this application comes with the version 1.0 and serves all the utilities for the phone.

This Battery Status iPod Touch Application is entirely customizable plug-in, which showcases the residual battery stack of the chief battery. Added to this advantage, this can also call upon services like gadget look upon wake up and also make the over clock CPU to a stage of a customizable one. One can expect for the newer version of 1.1 that is yet to be launched. This battery status application is designed for all the ipod touch and iphone users. Apart from indicating the user about the remaining charge of the battery, it also inform the time for the Internet, ipod audio play time and ipod video play time and also the talk time. Download it now and experience the convenience it gives.

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