Beat The Streak Offering a chance to win $5.6 Million

By On Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 Categories : iphone has launched their new iPhone application, as well as offering their fans a chance to win a total $5.6 million grand prize in the free fantasy game. But of course, you won’t get it easily. In order to bring those cash home, you should surpass the legendary consecutive games by hitting the streak of 56 games.

This game will be started when you choose a Major League player which you think that he might get a hit. If the player gets a hit that day, your streak continues and you can choose either another player or stay with the same player. If your selected player is hitless for that day, your streak is over, and you should begin a new streak in the next day, from the beginning of course.

I know it is not an easy game, but it costs nothing for you to try it out. Beside that, the prize is also tempting for something as simple as picking a player. Beside for iPhone, the game is also available online at For your information, Beat the Streak has started from 2001, and here are more than 30 million streaks have been started, including the current all-time record for 49 streak.