Best Apps for the Brain

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Best Apps for the BrainIndie Tech My id, Apps that measure how fast or how much you exercise or how high your heart rate you have is common.

But there are also several great apps for your brain. To train the brain and keep track of your mental health.

Here are Best Apps for Your Brain

best brain apps

Brain fitness tracker

android App Brain fitness tracker maps the cognitive ability, that is, attention, working memory and logic. The idea is that it should serve as a tool in the workplace. Using the app you can find out what time of day they perform best.

Mental health is measured by the user to quickly respond to any question in the app. The evidence is based on matters of psychological tests and the answers demonstrates how alert your brain is. It is also possible to connect the app to various factors, such as sleep, exercise and stress. In this way the user can see what affects athletic performance.

The app is developed by Torkel Klingberg, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute. According to him, the stress and sleep are factors that affect the cognitive ability the most.

Lumosity consists of a variety of games for various mental abilities such as problem solving, memory and focus. With the app, you can get a personal training schedule for your specific needs and the app market themselves as your “brain-fitness trainer”.

The exercises in memorado are based on research about what is effective for brain different tasks and before starting to get answer some questions about what is important to master, for example, remember names, focus despite disturbances, work effectively under stress etc. and then get exercises that improve the talent you think is important.

Brain HQ
Brain HQ also puts together a selected number of exercises to train your brain. The app is developed by Michael Merzenich, a pioneer in the research neuroplacticitet.

Dual B-Back

Dual N-Back is an exercise that train working memory. There are several apps for this purpose, including even from IQ Mindware.

Combine with measuring EEC
Anyone who wants to take this a step further, combining apps with a headband that measures brain waves with EEG.
The headband Inteaxion Muse from Interaxion can be used with app Calm is e.g. a tool that utilizes this and used for effective meditation.

Neuro sky is a headband that may be combined with game in the mobile phone as controlled by the power of thought. For example, Focus Pocus and Throw Trucks With Your Mind.