Best Cydia Apps for iPad

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Best cydia Apps for ipad

In this article we refer you 6 best cydia apps for ipad, which we believe should not miss out on our Jailbroken iPad.

For users new to the world of the iPad or iPhone jailbreak, cydia apps for ipad that we now have to report that cydia applications from our point of view are essential once you jailbreak your iPad so that you can exploit its potential.

List of Best Cydia Apps for iPad
Here are the top 6 cydia apps for your ipad:

1. SBSettings – Available for free via BigBoss:

Space for simplicity, all the most important settings in one place always available, this is the philosophy of SBSettings, bring all the settings, such as for example the management of the wifi, bluetooth, the volume control etc etc in one place always accessible The Springboard. SBSettings once installed does not have an icon but it is accessible by performing a swipe from left to right in the status bar of your device.

2. CyDelete – available for free via BigBoss:

A simple tweak Cydia that allows you to remove from your iPad or iPhone applications in the same way as those installed via the App Store.

3. iFile – Available at $4 by BigBoss:

A handy file manager for your IOS devices essential for iPad through which you can see the various directories on your device, copy or transfer files and much more. A handy file manager must-have.

4. RetinaPad – available at $ 1.99 by BigBoss:

A practical Cydia that lets you tweak iPad native applications for iPhone are compatible with 4 Retina display full screen with good resolution.

5. WiFi Sync – $ 9.9 available via BigBoss:

A handy application that lets you synchronize with iTunes on your iPad or iPhone via WiFi connection. No more cable connection, simply start the application to synchronize automatically with iTunes all without wires.

6. IPad PhoneIt– $ 19.99 available through

Enables the phone to use application allowing iPad phone messages, and FaceTime.

For the moment it all, if you want to report other best ipad cydia apps