Best installous iPad Apps – Play Cracked Apps After Install Installous App on Jailbroken Ipad

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Install installous on iPad

Installous Apps are third party apps which not listed and approved by itunes. You could play many best installaous apps if you have jailbroken ipad and install installous from

To Install installous on ipad you need:
+ Jailbroken IPad

+ Install Cydia on ipad

+ Internet Connection

Steps to Install Installous App on iPad

+ You need to first start the software “Cydia” you have installed on your device by doing the jailbreak.

+ Once you start loading, wait for the message “Loading Data” and “Download Packages” are gone. Without this, if you ask to update the program click on “Upgrade Complete”.

+ After everything has loaded and updated in cydia (after waiting the message “Reloading Data”), click on the item at the bottom right, “Manage or Manage” and then later on “Sources and Sources”

+ Entered in the “Sources and Sources” go to click on “edit or change” in the upper right. Just be changed to “done or done” button on the left click on “add, or add” and enter this source:

+ After entering the source click on “Add Source or Add Source”

+ Once you do take a few moments cydia to add new data.

+ Finally, click on the item at the bottom right Search or Search and search for “Installous” (careful not to confuse with the theme that has an icon with a paintbrush, so it should be easy recognition). Click Installous and then click install, once downloaded and installed, it will ask you to restart the device, and when you restart it will find application in the home.

Some Best Installous iPad Apps

After you installous app added on ipad you could play many best installous ipad apps available on cydia store. Here are some best recommendation to try:
+ Grooveshark
+ BiteSMS/Tlert
+ iFile
+ iPicMyContacts

Well, those only 5 list from many best installous ipad apps available out there. Please share your own list of best installous ipad apps here.