Best Productivity iPhone Apps

By On Friday, September 2nd, 2016 Categories : iphone

Today you just ask anyone which is the most happening phone. He will no undoubtedly say ‘Oh! iPhone of course!’. Now why this iPhone has become the most hot thing? Its all because of the best productivity iPhone apps available, which other phones hardly have. There is a wide range of such apps and you will find them for various spectra of the daily things you do. I came across many iPhone apps, many had to be bought, while most of them came with the Zero price tag. Here I have compiled my list of best productivity iPhone apps which, after reading you will surely bookmark for futre references, as there are both free as well as paid best productivity iPhone apps.

Here are the free productivity iPhone Apps:

1)Mocha VNC Lite: This cool app is 100% free(cuz the paid version of this need not be bought). You can control your windows, mac as well as linux with this simply best iPhone app.

2)Cooliris: This free iPhone application lets you find and watch images as well as videos from popular sites like and Youtube through a 3D wall.

3)Google Mobile App: This application from the internet giant is a app for lazy people like me. You can search via Google with this app without typing the words in the search box. All you need to do is speak clearly holding the phone near to your mouth and press ‘search’ button. Piece of cake!!

4)LockBox: This free productivity iPhone app lets iPhone users store private notes, passwords,PIN numbers, Credit card numbers, etc. almost all secret data like these that needs to be protected from falling in wrong hands.

5)Twittervision: This might not be productive app but is worth mentioning as I found it rather amusing. It shows you a world map and you can watch any people from any country with this application.

Here are the paid Productivity iPhone apps :

1)i2Reader Pro: Its an ebook reader with a price tag of $25 with almost all the features you imagine of an ebook reader. The ebook reader supports FB2, EPUB, PDF, RTF, DOC and TXT formats. It’s a product of Rip-Dev production.

2)Skratch List: Its a fun application to manage your to do lists for your iPhone and it comes with a small price of 99 cents.

3)TimeLogger: This iPhone application costs $3.99 and is perfect for those who need to track their time. It works even when other apps are running.

4)FileMagnet: Its the most useful application to transfer your files to your iPhone making it easy for you so that you need not carry a pen drive with you. Price is 5 bucks.

5)BookShelf: This ebook reader is awesome. It carries a price tag of $7.99, but can support many reading formats. Cool thing about this software is that you can search for new titles on the web for free.

These 10 best productivity iPhone apps, both free and paid are only among the few but best ones available. Many iPhone apps developers just duplicate other apps and make their own. I have tried to bring the original ones for all of you. Hope you enjoyed them!