Bing Adds Travel Features for iPhone v1.3

By On Monday, February 19th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Bing Adds Travel Features for iPhone v1.3 . Bing search application has been updated by Microsoft especially to version 1.3 for iPhone and iPod Touch. The upgraded search application of Bing Travel app for iphone now includes more interesting travel features. This latest feature of Bing search application is principally geared to make life easier for individuals who are always on the go.

The added travel feature for Iphone v1.3 is purposely made to make things much easier for travelers in different parts of the globe. It is primarily made to help people on the go in dealing with the demands of having to travel for different reasons. It is one of the best things that the advent of modern technology has brought into this generation.

The updated search application of Bing which now includes modern technology for travel features will truly amaze travelers around the world. It will surely amaze them to discover these new feature they can use with ease in their iPhone anytime and anywhere they may need it.

Travel features V1.3 added to Bing search application for iPhone simplifies maps. It also includes relevant labels for both for business and neighborhood. This is principally geared to help users find different locations real easy and fast. Apart from that, these features also help a lot in looking for the best travel deals that one can possibly get.
With the travel features added to Bing search application v1.3 especially for iphone it will be much easy to find the best travel deals right in the comforts of your own palm and touch. It is the best tool to take a peek at the best travel deals ahead of time before they are actually out for grab in the market.

This is made possible with Bing’s iphone application which is now equipped with “price predictor”. This will constantly advise user’s pertinent to the fare changes that may occur from time to time. Another interesting feature of this updated application is one dubbed “flight status”. This particular feature will keep you posted of possible flight cancellations. It is also the same feature that will keep user’s updated with flight delays and even early arrivals.

Apart from keeping user’s updated with flight schedules and the best fare deals, Bing’s travel v1.3 features for iPhone also include a redesigned function for map. In the redesigned map function, the “layers” are replaced with labels and pushpins. For added convenience, business listings also have their own view.

This updated travel features of Bing search application v1.3 for iPhone is also eye-friendly. It is so in the sense that the font sizes have been noticeably increased. This is use to mark roadways. A certain feature called “nearby” items is also added to it. This enables users to switch from map to list views and vice versa. It is indeed providing more than enough comfort and convenience to its users. This is why this feature is now slowly gaining popularity especially amongst iPhone users.
Having all these amazing features in your iPhone is certainly a good thing to cope with the demands of a busy schedule. People who are always on the go can rely on the amazing travel features added to Bing search application v1.3 for iPhone.