Blackberry password log export?

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Blackberry password log export?. Are You guys own that kind of problem?, If yes then plz read the best answer right after below:

Is there a way to export the password keeper info from a blackberry 9700


Answers for this question:

There are several ways, You can upload your all blackberry contacts to a Google account, using GoogleSync and then copy to nokia e63 via GoogleSync. second way is save your contacts to outlook and trasfer in your pc via usb and move all into NokiaE63 via Nokia PC Suit.


To export blackberry contacts via bluetooth, connect the blackberry to your PC by pairing. Then open outlook or any such software and sync your blackberry phonebook. This will transfer your blackberry contacts to the PC. Karen James.


By Funambol ( it is free and higly effective also to export calendar, notes … everything in your private cloud you can sync wherever you are and with whatever mobile after downloading the mobile app.


Use Nokia PC suite
download it from here:

after install open the app andyou can easily export all your contacts into an excel format.


Use a back up hard drive or a SD/writter/reader save your contacts in the memory card and then transfer it to your pc.via usb sd writter.reader.


Through use of a sim card if you have one or bluetooth them.


Use the BlackBerry program on your computer.