Block spam text on samsung galaxy s3?

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Block spam text on samsung galaxy s3?. Do You sir & mam has this kind of concern?, If do then please check the good answer below:

Answers for this question:

Many of us always find those annoying emails that we don`t want, and it takes up a lot of our time always trying to delete those emails and messages. But the good thing is, there are helpful apps out there you can install on your phone to filter out spam and emails that you don`t want. Here are a few good ones :


1. POPFile
2. K9
3. AntiSpam
4. SpamFence
5. Spamato

“Spam Drain” has received many good reviews. It is one of the better filter apps. It works around the clock to protect your phone from viruses and email junk you don`t want. It will start working as soon as you install it. This one you do have to pay for, but it is worth it if it does the job. It is only $14.99 a YEAR. (They do have a free trial though)

You can download spam apps from the Google Play Store, HERE:

1. Go to Google Play store, and click on the left side where you see “APPS”
2. Type in Google search box above “Spam Blockers”
3. Install the APP you want.

“How to Install APP:
1. Click on the App you want
2. Click on “Install”
3. You will see information about the application, and then a drop down, which you will choose the type of phone you have.
4. Hit the “Continue” and read for further instructions, and your done.

Important Tips:

1.Its a good thing to do research on a particular app before you download it to your phone as to whether its a good one to use, or a bad one. You can always look up reviews on the internet about it.
2.Don`t give out your email address or personal information to websites you are not familiar with.

If you get unwanted junk email sent to your phone, you can file a complaint here at FCC.

Phone: 1-888-225-5322
Write Below:

Federal Communications Commission
Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquires and Complaints Division
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554.


In order to block follow these steps:
1. Go to play store and search for sms blocker, download and install it. It is free. Agree to the license agreement and set the country code as requested wherever you are.
2. After it is downloaded open the sms blocker and you will see there the icons as herein shown the “Block” menu on your sms blocker. Thereafter press in the “MENU” of your phone. You will see there “add new” option and threafter you will see this

3. If you received already a message from the person you want to block, you may choose inbox and check it. If the number is saved, you may choose Phonebook or you may enter the number to be blocked manually.

4. You will not see any messages from your inbox from the person. But you will see them all in the log as here in shown .


This depends on what email provider you use. If you use Gmail and it gets in the Spam folder, all you have to do is delete it forever. As for yahoo mail, you will need to go to yahoo mail`s spam folder and select all spam and delete all messages, press ok.

If you are talking about the email notifications that Facebook sends to your email, you will need to do the following to most of it :

-go to Facebook settings (padlock icon)
-on the left go to notifications
-on email under “How You get notifications”, tap edit
-choose Only notifications about your account, security and privacy, turn off others as well

NOTE: This will not get rid of all email notifications.


To block spam text messages on iPhones, you may jailbreak your phone and then install app from Cydia, apps that will block spammy text messages. The app recommended ro use is iBlackList. To use iBlackList, you add iClarified to the installer sources. Choose Install tab. This is located at the bottom of the screen. Choose iClarified. Choose iBlackList under Packages. Tap Install option. Tap the Install button which is colored red. A notification will display, then click Ok. Hold Sleep/Wake option for 3 seconds. Swipe the screen to the right. Tap Sleep/Wake. Open iBlackList. Enter your password. Enable Blacklist. Put a number to the BlackList option > add > add number> contacts.


Try sending “Alerts Off” messages to 211 to unsubscribe. It will deactivated the service/spam after 48 hours.


Go to call settings find black list put her number on it every time they call or meg u it wont show up.


Go to and type SpaM BlocK for SAMsung INTERcePT Phone…