Born This Way Revenge for iPod Touch

By On Monday, March 26th, 2018 Categories : iPod Touch


Tapulous seems like don’t want to waste any seconds involving the rhythm game dedicated to the latest album of Lady Gaga, Born This Way. The album has passed the record sales numbers. So, Tapulous want to bring the Born This Way experience to their fans, up to beyond their ears with Born This Way Revenge. This is one of great free games for ipod touch which is similar to the previous versions whish were dedicated to other musical performance.

Born This Way Revenge has the most content that was ever provided in the previous dedicated Revenge series. Not only because it contains the most tracks ever offered to be beyond the standard edition album, it also provides full lyrics, the artist bio, and an in-game Twitter feed to let you noticed the latest Lady Gaga news.

The game sound simple, you only have to tap the hollow circular or triangular targets in the bottom of the screen when the glowing orbs or triangles passing through. A successful streak will give you a multiplier and bonus, while certain streaks will give power-ups for quicker point. This app is available at the App Store for $4.99.