Bush led tv sound is on but screed is black?

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Bush led tv sound is on but screed is black?. Do You misses or mister own this kind of problem?, If do then plz check the best answer below:\r\n

Bush led tv sound is on but screed is black


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If your TV comes with a slot that lets you insert a smart card provided by the cable operator of HD, you will need to get a box and an appropriate subscription package to access HD channels how ever check for the volume if in high volume and then if troubling continues with the sound. You will need to contact HD service provider to fix this problem. Hope it helps you!


Try and double check the headphone cable that you use to connect to your TV. Check for damages or it might be crimped or looped.Straighten the cable.You can also try to troubleshoot it by trying out other cable connectors.


Check the cables on both ends if they`re properly connected, once confirmed that the cables are properly connected, push the input or source button from your remote to go to the right channel.


Just find out the 3.5 jack behind the tv and plugin the jack of ur sound bar….and enjoy the sound..


Please make sure your volume sound increased.


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