Cable to connect iPad to printer?

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Cable to connect iPad to printer?. Are You guys own this kind of problem?, If do then please read the best solution right after below:\r\n

Is there a solution to print from an ipad through a usb cable


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There is no cable to connect the iPad to a printer yet. Hopefully one day in the future . . . rumor states that Apple is currently working on the ability for the iPad to print.


Try to install the printer manually. Put in the CD that the printer comes with. Then there will be instructions there step by step to get the printer working. You cannot expect that when you plugged in the printer and it will be working from there.


You need to use an app called HP ePrint to print files over the air using your iPad Air.

Download HP ePrinter from Appstore or the link above.


I don`t think it is easily possible as the Ipad does not have a usb port, at least it did not. If yours does, find a universal driver for your printer and load it onto your ipad.


Hi. There are no available cable for direct connection of your iPad to your printer. But you can always access printing to your printer via AirPrint. (Wireless printing)


Yes, but Apple has a special cord for that. Also, you can look inside your iPOD stash on your computer and print it up the old way.