Can a cannon pixma 2500 inkjet be used as a fax?

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Can a cannon pixma 2500 inkjet be used as a fax?. Are You mam own this kind of question?, If yes then plz found the good tips below:\r\n

Can documents be sent via the pc, a dell vostro 200?


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Hello! The steps bellow will help you on how you can connect your mac to your printer. Hope that helps! :-)

1) Open Printer & Fax under Hardware in System Preferences (on the dock)
2) Double click a printer and you will get the options `Set default printer` and `Restore printer system`. Choose `Restore printer system`. Note: this will remove all printers from your printer list
3) Click Add (+) to add a new printer. For me, the scanner appears immediately as Printer Name: Canon MX340 series, Kind: Bonjour Scanner, and the printer takes 10 seconds or so and appears with a lot of numbers after the name, Kind: canonijnetwork.
4) Choose the printer. Change the name if you like. Select Add.
5) The printer appeared in my list with the status `Idle`, as opposed to `Offline`, and I was able to send print jobs wirelessly immediately.


To reset your cannon printer just follow the step`s below
1. Just press the menu button repeatedly until the device setting`s appear`s
2. Use the Lefright button to select reset settings and then press the ok button.
3. use the leftright button to select all data and then press the ok button
4. use the leftright button to select yes on the confirmation screen and then press the ok button.


The WPS is not located on Canon Pixma 3122, the WPS button that you need to press is located on your Wireless router, you have to check the sides of your Wireless router, and this varies on what model of router you have.


Many time I have had the same problem and just found out that it was a cord not plugged in all the way… if the unit is as old as mine I am finding out that it`s looks like it`s plugged in but it`s not all the way in.


240XL/241XL…staples & Costco & fry`s electronics refill your cartridges (call ahead to see if they refill those specifically for your printer).


I really do not know how to scan file to doc to email I never had before.


Try turning it off and on again, or unplugging it.