Can i use a normal wifi adapter for my xbox 360?

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Can i use a normal wifi adapter for my xbox 360?. Do You misses or mister has this kind of concern?, If do then please get the good answer below this line:\r\n

I was wondering i can just use a normal wifi adapter on my xbox 360.


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Yes, with the right connecto.


No you cannot. First of all as you mentioned the xbox does no have a wireless adapter meaning the xbox is not capable of going wireless. Also the next thing is that the TV is not capable of doing hot spot unless it has but even though it has the first I have mentioned will still be a variable.


Newer Wifi cards are becoming increasingly obsolete with the addition of so many Low Cost Wireless N solutions. I had to replace my 150 dollar router right after I bought two new laptops for my daughters, because the wireless cards don`t know how to talk to the older boxes.


Yes, the xbox 360 slim has a built in wifi adapter. if its not wotking turn your xbox off and unplug all of the cables and leave it for 5 mins and try again. It should work then.


No. you have to use wifi adapter with the same brand of your tv and you can only use the one that suits the model of your television. hope these help you.. we have the same issue.! ?


If u xbox is wirless then i dont see why not if not then u will need to connect it to a laptop or a pc with a enthernet cqble and connect to the tv throu the computer.


Yes you can. You must open your mobile internet or WiFı connection and share it as a modem on your phone. Then XBox sees it as a network.


Depends on your network provider. Sprint allows your phone to be use as a hotspot.


Thats because you gotta pickup wifi it doesnt just work out lol.