Can I use a regular sd card for muve music?

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Can I use a regular sd card for muve music?. Are You misses or mister has that kind of query?, If yes then plz check the answer right after below:

I have a 32 gig sd card but its not the `muve music` specific. Is there away to use it for the muve music without buying their sd card?


Answers for this question:

If your muve music has an option “format”, then there`s a way to make your sdcard readable on the muve music. Similar to phone`s sdcard, when a blank sdcard has been formatted on a phone, the phone will write the sdcard and installs additional phone settings on the sdcard. You can try using your sdcard to your muve music and format it there, in this manner, your 32 gig sdcard will be muve music specific sdcard. Take note to back-up first all the data stored in your 32gig sd card before attempting to format.


The difference between the muve sd card and a regular sd card is that the muve sdcard is formatted to use in your muve music. It has all the required files such as the file folders and settings your phone has. While the regular sdcard doesn`t have the files neccessary to use in muve music. To remedy this, simply format the regular sdcard in your phone.


Mine has also done this in my samsung suede. Try opening muve music on your phone and when the message is displayed again remove the battery while the phone is still on. insert the battery, turn your phone on then enter muve music again. if the message is still displayed i`d suggest tearin some heads off at cricket till they give you what you want.


I`ve been having the same issue.. I don`t know how to fix the partition issue that you are having, but my best recommendation would be to get some drive partitioning software.. But to access that “hidden” 3GB partition where all the MuveMusic stuff is stored, you plug your card into an Epson printer, and it reads both the 1GB, and 3GB partitions.. Good luck!


No muve music will not support certain type of SD cards.. check id the SD card is provided by Cricket itself.. if not then it will not work.


All you need is sd card adapter insert your sd card then you can now copy music to laptop.