Can viber work well on Acer laptop?

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Can viber work well on Acer laptop?. Do You guys has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the tips right after this line:\r\n

Hello!! I have a Acer laptop, I just want to know if Viber can work well on it.


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Hello name,

It seems that your mouse is trying to look pair with your laptop.
Try to turn the bluetooth of your Acer laptop my going to the windows start screen.
Right click and press All apps which is located at the right corner side of your screen.
Choose the Bluetooth Suite. And then scan for bluetooth devices.
It should detect your mouse.
Select it and the mouse will be synced.


Hello name,

There might be some hardware issues with your Acer E-Machine.
If it still under warranty, go to the store where you purchased the laptop and ask have to check your laptop.
It might be a factory defect or might be broken due to extensive use.
If it is not under the warranty anymore.
Have it check by a repairman since you might need to replace your keyboard.


Yes you can use whatsapp on your laptop.By the way im kyoichi .You need to install an android emulator on your Acer to be able to use viber and that app is called Bluestacks just download it here but make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers and .net framework installed so that you won`t encoutner any errors when installing it.


Please try to use this .apk installer of viber. Download this :

after the download just double click on the file and it will install viber on your bluestacks.

Thank you and have a nice day.


You can download Viber to your laptop but you can`t install it. Viber is only available to ISO, android, windows phone,bada,blackberry, symbia s60, and nokia s40. You can download it from and install it to phones that supports viber.


Hi there, unfortunately, viber is only available to smartphones and other mobile devices only. However, please stay tune for viber`s announcement if they are going to release a PC version of their app.


Hi there! If you can`t download viber on bluestacks on your acer laptop then maybe you are downloading the wrong version of it. Make sure the version of viber is compatible to your laptop system.