Can you give me the reason for not wearing properly dress at work?

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Can you give me the reason for not wearing properly dress at work?. Are You mam has that kind of query?, If yes then please check the good answer right after this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Maybe because it is not applicable to wear a proper dress code example no air-con in the office.


Reasons why not wearing proper uniform:

1. Its gives freedom to the students so they remain happy, they will get bored on their uniform soon enough.

2. It brings out the person for who he/she is.

3. It is very inconvenient to go somewhere before or after school.

4. it gets rid of all the painful work that has to be done to get the uniform ready.


The word that you are looking for from the game, 4 pics 1 word, is GLAMOUR. this word is completely signifies the 4 pictures. The woman in the red dress and the woman in the white dress signifies their GLAMOURous dresses while the woman in a mask signifies the GLAMOUR of her green mask. While the woman with diamond and glitter in her lips signifies a GLAMOURous state where she can use diamonds and glitter in her lips.


The word that is common for these clues:

woman in red dress
woman in white dress
woman with glitter lips
woman wearing mask


Glamour could mean great beauty or charm. It could also mean false or superficial beauty. It can also be associated with fashion as depicted with the clues given. The women in the clues can be regarded as glamorous.


Put both your hands on your lap, with your left on top of your right or vice versa, to oppress and stabilize your dress from being exposed unitentionally. as for your legs, always remember to close the gaps in between no matter what you do.


The category you are talking about is the movie PULP FICTION. I figured it out because of your good description of the picture.

Thank you for your question!


The word you are looking for is


It entails a girl wearing a red dress and a mask.


I suggest that you answer the word VIRUS.
This is a 5 letter word and fits to the given letters and clues.


I cant wear my uniform today because we fight with my wife she dont let me in our room which all of my dress was there.


Maybe wear something that is better for a working environment. Short dresses shouldn`t be worn at an office job.