Can you help me get conected to Dantdm? im 12 years old and i have a pic that i drew of him nd his wife?

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Can you help me get conected to Dantdm? im 12 years old and i have a pic that i drew of him nd his wife?. Do You sir and mam has this kind of query?, If yes then please get the good tips below this line:

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Honestly, if you have stuck around 2 years longer than you describe as the end of your marriage, you really are not trying very hard. To continue to pay for her expenses and medical issues still keeps you tied to her, and it would seem that if you guys can still be civil to each other it may be worthwhile to go to some counseling together to see if you can keep the promises you made to each other. Think back to that day and how happy you were, now think about the promises you made to each other in front of family, friends, and god. The only true absolution you will get from this is when the final promise is carried out, till death do you part. Sometimes these challenges are in place so that you can remember what you meant to each other and how well you used to work together. True happiness is laying next to the woman that steals your heart, holds your eye, and stays in your thoughts. If you still want out after you have made all efforts possible to save it, then you cant be faulted. Try being happy again, start doing things together again.


When you and your wife got married, you have accepted already the best and worst attitude of each other. You swear that till death do you part. There are instances in which husband and wives have misunderstandings. There are also different reasons why couples quarrel. Since you told that your wife is harassing you and that problem was already to years ago, you have to talk heart to heart with your wife. You have to part ways in a very peaceful manner. Talk all the things which both of you doesnt like to each other. Take it positively. No hurt feelings. You have to set space between the two of you.


You will receive the same benefits as the first wife, but he will have to go through the same procedures as he did with the first wife to set you up with DEERS to receive your benefits.


You can`t if it happened so long ago they will not make a case of it because of the time in between they will assume it`s out of spite instead of an assault issue.


Please call your Dish network if that is the case. It could be that the connection was not recognized. I am sure tech support can help you.


Here`s a great site that will be able to further assist you with this and they have great rates.


Yes you should have to pay, because your married to your wife..
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Hahahaha…. sorry for that laugh. But u can try. u`ll get soon. good luck :)


Yes. he can appeal that order and try to have it changed.


I agree the court order would have to be appealed.